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At "Morning Living" we LOVE social media! Both Betsy and I get questions every day on Facebook and Twitter related to the show. I thought I would share some of your home renovation questions to me, with my answers. Perhaps it will help you in your next project.

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"Recommendations for a bathroom floor? Don't want tile.."

Laura, tile is the way to go if you want ultra water protection. HOWEVER, engineered wood flooring is pretty dang tough, and if it's a bathroom with no shower, than you could absolutely use engineered wood, or even solid wood with no problem. That is what I have in my bathroom! Solid wood white oak, and it has held up great.

"My big decision is.....Quartz or Granite???? I am getting ready to redo my kitchen counters. I'm leaning toward Quartz but wanted your expert opinion."

It kind of depends...if you are looking for a truly unique feature, granite is the way to go. However, quartz holds up much better, and is a more consistent color. If you need durability, I'd go with quartz.

We are getting ready to redo our old pressure treated, deck. What are you feeling for using tigerwood decking??

Tigerwood is AWESOME! Pretty pricey, but worth it in my opinion. It holds up like iron, and looks beautiful.

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  • I am in a panick.....just made my 14 day pickles and RAN out of the syrup that the pickles have marinated in....I have 4 jars with the pickles but out of syrup which contains 3 days of boiling etc of sugar, vinegar and pickle spices....I don't want to just put them in a huge container and put in fridge.....what do I do????

  • Hey Martha I love your show by the way I have picked up on a few things watching you and learning from you so now I am starting a craft room at my Mommas home in Burlington Wi and I am having trouble trying to get organized, It is a small area of her basement And I have lots of stuff dont know what to do with it it Please is there someone that could give me tips and ideas HELP !!!!!!

  • how do I join your and Betsy's facebook page?

  • do tomatoes affect poatoes in cooking time?

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