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Today on Tech Trends: Don’t Lose Your Work!

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Are you backing up your data?

Survey says: Probably not! And even if you are, you may not be doing it frequently enough.

Today on Tech Trends at 5 PM east, 2 PM west, hosts Barbara McGlamery and Sena Heydari will discuss the dangers of not baking up, including vulnerability to hardware crashes or malicious viruses that eat your data.  March 31 was World Backup Day, providing a gentle reminder for us all to back up our data, including documents, contacts, music, and photos, to external sources for safekeeping.

Today, Barbara and Sena welcome data protection architect Fozz Mahmud as they discuss how and why you should back up everything on your computer and other devices before disaster strikes!

Backup options are almost endless, so which should you choose? Tune in to the show for details, but here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Online services offer a simple solution: For a small fee, Mozy and Carbonite  will keep a copy of all your documents, music, and photos.  Dropbox is free up to 2 GBs of data
  • Or buy an external hard drive and set up your computer’s internal settings (back up and restore on Windows, or Time Machine on Macs) to backup automatically every day, or even every hour.

Losing data or beloved photos and music can be traumatic.  Listen in, Thursday at 5 PM east, 2 PM west, and learn how best to back up!

Got questions or sad stories about lost data? Call us on the air at 866-675-6675.

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  • i thankGod for this post. i am just knowing for the first time of the 'World's BackUp Day'

  • This might sound crazy, but flash drives have been my go to stocking stuffer for years now. I love to give them, but more importantly I love to get them. I get the importance of backing up, that's not the problem, the problem is I go through 5 or 6 flash drives each year. Mostly because I put something on one, give it to someone to transfer the data, and never see it again. I do try to buy red ones, so they draw more attention to themselves sticking out of someone else's computer, and of course they are more festive!

  • I am trying to find an archive of a show on tech trends where they reviewed the top 5 or 10 apps for moms. I was driving and could not take notes. It was probably from June of this year. Help!

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