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Escape to Pig Island

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Imagine this: you hear only cracking, smell only sweet smoke, and see just pork – fat bacon strips and delicate piles of the pulled kind -- all around you. This was my experience over the weekend at Pig Island, the 3rd annual eat-all-they-serve food and drink fest at Governor’s Island.

Founder Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy’s 43 brought in some of the best chefs in New York to show off their renditions on over 80 locally sourced hogs. Sure, some call pork “the other white meat,” and while it can be cooked lean, just one question: Why? Cooked slowly, pork has flavors that just don’t quit. One of my favorite dishes was by Brooklyn restaurant Betto who served “Porkchetta” and Beans with a sprinkling of fresh herbs (rosemary?) and cooked cannellini beans in pork fat runoff. The end result brought a mellow smoky flavor to the beans and a surprising lightness in the pairing.

I also went for the traditional and Waterfront Ale House and Fuhgeddaboutit BBQ served up a classic pulled pork slider with Hawaiian Rolls and homemade Bread and Butter Pickles.

And what’s the best drink to wash it down with? Beer! And Sixpoint Brewing Company was there to keep it flowing. I was partial to The Crisp, a German Pilsner that indeed lives up to its name – notes of lemon and grapefruit that cut through the pork, with a nice dry finish.

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Heidi Normand and Chef Terry French of Mosefund Mangalitsa

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  • We had a wonderful time at Pig Island 2012...that's me on bottom pic with Chef Terry French of Extreme Chef and the newest member of "Team Mosefund"!

    Can't wait for Pig Island 2013!

  • Wish I lived on the East Coast so I could have went. St.Louis also had bbq's over weekends. I need to get Wisconsin in & have some bbq events! This is farm land.

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