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Relief from Sandy

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Martha Stewart Living staff working out a makeshift office during the storm

On tonight's Living Backstory with Marli Guzzetta, we will be talking about how you can get involved in your community and help people who have been hurt by Superstorm Sandy. Below are a few of our favorite resources. Please add any that we missed in the comments section!

InterOccupy who have been working out of St. Jacobi Church in Brooklyn (5406 4th Avenue or 520 Clinton Avenue)


Food: Tuna, shredded cheese, bread, mayo, butter, bananas, meats, kosher salt, tofu, chicken, ground meat, soy sauce, babyfood, snacks

Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, hand sanitizer, tylenol, ibuprofen

Other supplies: flashlights, lighters, sandwich bags, 1 gal ziploc bags, matches

Occupy Sandy for New York City relief

Occupy Sandy NJ for info on New Jersey relief

The Hetrick-Martin Institute for displaced and homeless LGBTQ youth is in need of coats, gloves, hats, boots or scarves

Brooklyn Community Foundation is taking monetary donations

Queens Council Member Stephen Levin is taking donations and needs toiletries especially

Tunnel to Towers Foundation is accepting monetary donations

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  • Having just gone 12 days with no power, and only a small generator to run essentials in our home, I find that my car reeks of gasoline from having to constantly put full containers of gas in my trunk. What can I do to get rid of the smell. Also, I've burned an entire box of candles. I used my antique cut crystal candle holders and now they're all covered in wax. It's very difficult to get the wax out of the grooves of the cut crystal. Any suggestions in this arena? Thanks very much, Anne

  • Hi, Anne. It's Marli from the show. (Sorry for the delayed response. I don't have a log in on this blog yet.) I drove gas down to my family in South Florida when they lost power after a hurricane. I had the same problem. Try taking out of the trunk anything removable (including the liner) and leaving the car parked someplace safe with the trunk open (and preferably in the sunlight) as often as you can until the smell goes away. Leave the liner to air out as well. The idea is to let it evaporate. Don't put anything porous and smelling of gas back into the trunk, and clean the liner before you put it back. But time + air should do it — especially if you have sunlight. A fan would help too, I think.

    As for the candles: Have you tried freezing them for a few hours and then picking out the wax? Those little dental picks with floss might help you get into the grooves to clean.

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