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Monday – Friday, 12pm ET – 1pm ET
Martha Stewart: Ask Martha and Mostly Martha

Tuesdays 1pm ET – 2pm ET
The Editors Hour with Living and Weddings Editors

Wednesdays 1pm ET – 2pm ET
Home Design with Kevin Sharkey

Thursdays 1pm ET – 2pm ET
The Gardening Hour with Stephen Orr
The Weddings Hour with Darcy Miller and Elizabeth Graves
The Crafting Hour with Hannah Milman

Friday 1pm ET – 2pm ET
At Work with Rochelle DiRe and Wagner Denuzzo

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  • Martha - I am building a cottage in Stonington ME and would like some advice on the interior colors of the house as well as exterior. I want to use red cedar boards on the exterior and am looking for colors for trim. We have just started the foundation of the house and have not gotten very far along with the project but I am ready to start making decisions on interiors. Also if you have any suggestions on types of heating systems, flooring etc, I would love to have some advice.
    Thanks - Susan Long

  • You just had a caller on your radio asking about a black film on her plasticware from her dishwasher. I had the same issue and thought it was the dishwasher. It took a long while to figure out where the black film came from. It was already on my plasticware before it went into the dishwasher. I discovered it was from burning candles in my kitchen. The soot was enough that it would be attracted to the plastic even when they were stored in my cabinet. So I stopped burning candles for a while and then I would burn soy or clean burning candles. Problem solved. Sounds weird but seemed to solve the problem.

  • I used to love listening to Martha Stewarts radio station at work, infact, that is specifically why I subscribed to Sirius radio!! But ever since the schedule has changed I hardly is the same shows over and over and over again. I'm sure even if they are broadcasting repeats, there are many many Martha shows that we wouldn't have to listen to the same thing day after day and week after week. I love Mario but not the same show with Mario. Please please please change the schedule and play some different shows. Also, I really really miss Betsy Karetnick and Brian Kelsey......I used to love listening to them every morning!

  • Hi I was listening to your interview of two brothers about their product "keenwa crunch"
    I missed their web site. Please send
    Appreciate much

  • I agree with Janet's comments above; everytime I tune in to hear Martha, a show from May or June is being aired. I don't get it... I also dont understand why no one is responding to these comments? During a lunchtime drive today I was listening to two guests speaking of their juicing business, but had to get back to work and wasn't abel to get their business name or website. It would be helpful to have the guests and their contacts listed somewhere on this website. Thanks !

  • Hi Martha, I am painting my kitchen, Dinning room and Family room it's all open and I want to know if I'm supposed to match the paint with the granet counter top/Island. I have light to med. oak kitchen cabinets. The granet colors are beige, black, toupe, I have white island shudders in the family room. I am wanting to use the color from Serwin Williams, Sea Salt SW6204 what is your opinion on that please? Thank you much! Susan

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