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Baking my very first cake from scratch

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Hi everyone!

My name is Jill and I am one of the radio interns at Martha Stewart Living this summer.  My fellow intern, Cait, and I had our very own Martha days last week and wanted to share what we did with you.  Enjoy!

On August 2, I had my very own Martha day at home.  I had so many options to do anything related to living.  I could have reorganized a closet.  I could have gone on a hike.  I also could have spent the day weeding in the garden.

Naturally, I chose the most difficult option (for me, anyway):  I baked a cake.

I understand that for most, baking a cake is easy and fun.  You follow a recipe, put your creation in the oven, and you have a deliciously moist treat.  However, my personality inherently makes me an awful baker.  I am incredibly impatient.  The idea of precisely measuring every ingredient that goes into a mixing bowl makes me very, very tense.  I also hate to fail, and if you mix up a teaspoon and a tablespoon while baking, you’re not going to get the result you want.

Since I decided to bake something, I wanted the recipe to be one I would love.  I am a chocolate addict, so I chose to make Martha’s Ultimate Chocolate cake ( and the corresponding frosting (  While I wasn’t able to use Valrhona cocoa, I used the best ingredients I could find and was very pleased with the result.

Another note about my cake: the recipe calls for two round cakes with a layer of the ultimate chocolate frosting in between.  I didn’t have two round cake pans of the same size in the kitchen, so I made a single sheet cake.  The recipe works just as well, but you will most likely have leftover frosting.  I saved mine by putting it in the freezer.

I have included a photo gallery that shows each step of the cake-making process.  Hopefully your cake will be just as delicious and wonderful as mine.  Happy baking!

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