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Exploring the North Fork

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Hey there, I'm Cait! I'm the other radio intern, and I had my own Martha Day adventures this past Friday.

While I commend Jill for baking a delicious chocolate cake (trust me, she brought me the leftovers), I decided to go a different route to channel Martha. Literally!

Everyone knows how much Martha Stewart loves her East Hampton home on Long Island. It's a beautiful estate with lush gardens and a big porch. The South Shore of Long Island is well-documented as a place where anybody would love to visit for a weekend or the whole summer. I'm from Long Island myself, so I know its charms well. But I also know that LI has a lot more to offer. So I took some of Martha's own advice to try a different route every day--I went north!

The North Fork is thirty miles of villages and farmland that stretches from Riverhead to Orient Point. As you drive down Rt. 25, you'll see sod farms, corn fields, bed and breakfasts, wineries and, occasionally, the Great Peconic Bay in the distance. This drive (especially after forty-five minutes of the Long Island Expressway) is a perfect, winding journey that will bring you all the way to the very tip of the island: Orient Beach State Park.

Orient Beach State Park is a beautiful park that has hiking trails, picnic areas, guides to wildlife and kayak tours. However, after the long drive east, my friend and I parked our party on one of the small beaches that faced Gardiners Bay. It wasn't crowded at all, and we enjoyed clear water and bright sunshine for a couple hours before moving on to one of the trails for a short hike. We made our way through to another beach, this time with no one on it except for a couple of friendly birds. Finally, we found our way back to the car to start making our way back west.

The next place we stopped was the town of Greenport, which is a charming village with an actual Main Street that houses all the major stores and restaurants in the town. It had an antique feel; all the storefronts had whitewashed and weather-beaten wood paneling and vintage neon signs adorned some of the windows. We wandered through a few shops, one an antiques and glass showcase and the other a used-books store. Nothing beats the smell of old books! Except maybe freshly made calamari, which we ate at Claudio's Clam Bar, one of several restaurants owned by the same family in Greenport. The calamari was delicious, as was my crab cake po' boy sandwich. After, we walked down to Sandpiper Ice Cream where I had a homemade strawberry cone. Yum!

As it started to get later, we decided to start heading in the direction of home, but not before stopping at one of the many local farm stands that populate the side of the road. At Harbe's Family Farm, I got to take a look at all the fresh produce and flowers that they sell everyday. I picked up some tomatoes to bring home. A perfect end to a day of adventure!

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  • Hello there Martha! My name is Cindy Hood all the way from Saskatchewan Canada and the reason for my post is I was listening to your show on stars XM and a lady came on about her buying a cedar chest and it contained moth balls (yuck) anyways I think if she tried putting newspaper it would help to absorb the smell. A friend of mine told me her mom used it when she forgot a pack of sausages in her can during the summer. She found it by the nasty smell so she put a whole bunch of newspapers I. The can and it took out the smell. I hope you can tell people about this because its cheap and it works thanks Martha have a great weekend. Sincerely Cindy Hood in so Canada!

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