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A Healthy Jump-Start to the New Year!

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Dr. Jana Klauer recently joined Martha on her show, Mostly Martha, to talk about getting back into shape.
Below are Dr. Klauer's six top tips to help you shed those pesky holiday pounds. A “Get it done!” attitude will serve you well.

1. Clean out your kitchen. Get rid of the gift tins of cookies, chocolates, candies, and cakes. Toss (or give away) anything that will tempt you from reaching your weight-loss goal. This is important!

2. Fill your refrigerator with fresh vegetables, fruits, water, yogurt and low-fat cheeses. These foods are the core of your diet. When you open the door of the refrigerator, the first thing you should see is a large glass bowl filled with beautiful crisp vegetables in ice-water to prevent oxidation. Include carrots, red and green peppers, cauliflower, jicama, and celery and broccoli flowerets. Vegetables are low in calories and are loaded with phytochemicals and anti-oxidants that repair your cells. These should be your new daily snack.

3. Schedule meals four hours apart. It takes your body approximately 4 hours to digest a meal; after that you’re running on empty. Hunger is not your friend so get yourself on schedule. Never skip meals. Breakfast is extremely important. A high protein breakfast is more efficient for weight loss: yogurt and fresh fruit or 2 eggs with a piece of fruit or smoked salmon and melon are my recommendations. Lunch should be a big salad with lean protein (fish, shellfish, chicken, low fat cottage cheese, or tofu are examples). You need to have a snack in the afternoon; I suggest a piece of fruit like an apple, pear or orange with 1 oz. of cheese or a handful of nuts. By including protein with a piece of fruit you will be satisfied until dinner.

4. Drink 2-3 liters of water daily. No soda. Water is essential for every cell to function properly. When you are losing weight, the breakdown products of fat metabolism – ketone bodies – circulate thoughout the body and cause further fat breakdown to slow. The ketone bodies are eliminated through the kidney. You must drink water throughout the day to insure that ketone elimination.

5. Keep your dinner on the light side: a piece of grilled fish or chicken and a salad works great! Eating a large meal later in the day causes triglycerides to rise and have been associated with metabolic syndrome. After dinner, stop eating. Herbal tea in the evening after dinner can be relaxing.

6. Exercise daily for one hour. Our lives have become far too sedentary. If you do not exercise you will become fat and flabby, it’s as simple as that. An aerobic walk is ideal. How about getting a pedometer to count how many steps you are taking? Aim for 10,000 steps daily.

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