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A garden a day - San Antonio Botanical Garden

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In celebration of National Public Gardens Day, which is this Friday, May 7, I’m blogging about one great public garden a day. When most people think of public [&hellip…

A garden a day - the Woodbine community garden

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Today’s garden is a different type of public garden: a community garden. Community gardens are most definitely for the public, but they aren’t usually open to the public [&hellip…

A garden a day - Chanticleer

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It’s Monday – way too early to think about the coming weekend – but this weekend (beginning on Friday, May 7) is different. It’s National Public Gardens day, [&hellip…

Take the Kids to Work Day at MSL

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The good people here at MSLO always work hard to put together an entertaining and informative Take the Kids to Work day. It always speaks to what the [&hellip…

A visit to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio

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Even if seeing gardens wasn’t one of my job requirements (though it is my favorite part!), I would always put a visit to an area’s public gardens high [&hellip…

Bluebonnets - the Texas state flower

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Howdy! I just got back from a visit to San Antonio, Texas, where I met lots of wonderful, dedicated gardeners and visited their gardens. I saw tons of [&hellip…

The power of watering from the bottom up

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Peace lily, or Spathiphyllum, is a popular houseplant – most everyone has owned one at some point. And chances are, most everyone who has grown this plant has [&hellip…

First harvest - not too far off!

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How does your garden grow these days? After experiencing a bit of suspended animation during a prolonged cold period, my seedlings have put on a LOT of growth [&hellip…