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Hosted by Betsy Karetnick and Brian Kelsey, “Morning Living” airs Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET. Each day, BK and BK talk cooking, entertaining, gardening, and play some fun games that put listeners’ “Martha” skills to the test.

Easy Chicken Recipes for the Family

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Recently on “Morning Living,” we asked Jennifer Clair, founder of Home Cooking New York, to share recipes to make your everyday chicken a little more exciting.  She shared [&hellip…

Not Your Grandma's Deviled Eggs

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Recently on “Morning Living,” Debbie Moose, author of  ”Deviled Eggs: 50 Recipes from Simple to Sassy,” joined us to share three of her favorite deviled egg recipes. As [&hellip…

Get Healthy for Fall

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After a summer of parties, barbecues, and vacations, it’s easy to find yourself in the post-summer slump. Your clothes are a little tighter than they were at Memorial [&hellip…

Fun and Healthy Lunch Recipes from Betsy Karetnick

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In an attempt to stay healthy and alert throughout the day, many of us look for nutrition-filled, low-cal lunch options. In doing so, it’s also very easy to fall into the [&hellip…

Brian's Five Must-Have Tools

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Admittedly, I’m not the best when it comes to tools and home improvement projects. I have no idea what separates a Phillips head screwdriver from the other available varieties. And a [&hellip…

"Morning Living" Throws a Barbecue

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For the “Morning Living” BBQ, we got inspired by Michael Schwartz from Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink. He visited our show and came with a lamb recipe that rocked. [&hellip…

Three Ways with Cantaloupe

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Our webmaster challenged me to produce three recipes with cantaloupe. Well it’s a pretty strong challenge, but she did ask, so here are the results - sweet, savory, and slurpy. [&hellip…

Grill Your Watermelon

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Earlier on “Morning Living,” we were joined by Phil Deffina, executive chef at Highpoint Bistro and Bar here in New York City. Phil put an interesting spin on [&hellip…