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Morning Living

Hosted by Betsy Karetnick and Brian Kelsey, “Morning Living” airs Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET. Each day, BK and BK talk cooking, entertaining, gardening, and play some fun games that put listeners’ “Martha” skills to the test.

Fast and Fancy: Halibut Recipes

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Posted by Alexis Tirado On "Morning Living" we have a special segment called "Fast and Fancy" in which a chef shares a quick recipe for your busy weekday [&hellip…

It’s My Anniversary!

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Posted by Kim Fernandez As I approach my one-year anniversary with Betsy on our radio show, "Morning Living," I want to reflect on the many things that I [&hellip…

Love Your Legs!

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Posted by Kim Fernandez There’s a new show starting this week called "Whole Living," about living a healthy, eco-friendly life. It made me think that now is the [&hellip…

Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms!

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Posted by Kim Fernandez This week, I want to discuss toning arms with you! As you’ve heard me say many times on air, always check with your physician [&hellip…

Ab Fabulous!

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Posted by Kim Fernandez Recently, Amanda from Kentucky called my radio show, “Morning Living,” asking for an abdominal workout that would fit her lifestyle. She has a child [&hellip…

Acupuncture + Bras = Morning Living

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Posted by Kim Fernandez On Fridays, people at offices get to wear jeans for Casual Friday. Here at Morning Living, we can wear jeans (since we work on [&hellip…

Making an Ambitious Cake

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Posted by Jennifer Sendrow When my friends Craig and Patricia announced that they’d be celebrating their wedding with a small party at home, I offered to make them [&hellip…

It's Fitness Week!

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Posted by Kim Fernandez My favorite week on Martha Stewart Living radio is underway — it’s fitness week! It’s our opportunity to "pump you up" — or at [&hellip…