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Braised Pork Sandwiches with Cheddar

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Just what I like-make something for dinner and save some for lunch the next day. In this case, I braised pork shoulder, had some for dinner and sliced [&hellip…

How-To Spooky Quesadillas

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Halloween is such a fun holiday we thought we’d celebrate it a little early. And to do that we made quesadillas in Halloween colors. Orange tortillas, with fun [&hellip…

Brown Bread and Irish Cheddar Sandwich

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Brown bread, take three. A few years ago Monty, producer of “Everyday Food,” took a trip to Ireland, where she had a loaf of brown bread that’s been [&hellip…

Irish Brown Bread Sandwich, Take 2

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A couple of years ago Lisa Mantineo (aka Monty), producer of “Everyday Food,”  took a trip to Ireland and had a brown bread she described as slightly dry, [&hellip…