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Saturday's Dinner Party

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Some of my bff’s joined me for dinner last weekend. It was a kebab moment so that I could feed everyone, including pescatarians. I couldn’t decide on a dessert, [&hellip…

Thanksgiving-Inspired Weekend Cooking Challenge

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Time for our latest Weekend Cooking Challenge!!!  This  time around, it’s a double cooking challenge that fits perfectly with your Thanksgiving cooking plans. We’ll be preparing two recipes from the [&hellip…

Let's Get Ready to "Crumble"!!!

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Here are the results from the most recent “Living Today” Weekend Cooking Challenge!!!  Pastry Chef Kate Goodyear from the SoHo House Group offered a wonderful recipe for Blueberry, [&hellip…

A Cooking Challenge With Summer Fruit!!!

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Living Today’s Weekend Cooking Challenge is underway!  Join  Mario’s Weekend Cooking Challenge group on Facebook and cook along with us once a month!!!  We all make the same [&hellip…

A Double Dessert Cooking Challenge!

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It’s time for our the weekend cooking challenge!  The cooking challenge begins on Saturday, June 12 at  2 pm ET,  11  am PT but you can cook earlier [&hellip…