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Learn How to Brew Beer at Home

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Today on “Cooking with Emeril,” we got a lesson on how to brew beer at home from Shane Welch and Jeff Gorlechen of Sixpoint Craft Ales and advice [&hellip…

Mustard Recipes Straight from Napa Valley

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Stephanie Tejada, owner and founder of Strawberry Creek Collection, a gourmet condiment company in Napa, was recently on Living Today. Inspired by recipes from her grandmother, she shared [&hellip…

What's Your Favorite Way to Use Mustard?

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Yes, mustard goes hand-in-hand with hamburgers and hot dogs but this Napa Valley specialty is loved in more ways than one! I spoke to some West Coast mustard [&hellip…

Word of the Day: mustard

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Mustard is much more than a yellow condiment in a jar. In a general sense, mustard is a family of plants that includes cauliflower, radishes, and kale. It’s [&hellip…