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Detox Your Makeup Bag - Nine of the Best Mineral Foundations

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We’ve talked about our favorite liquid foundations and some pressed powder foundations we love, but now it’s on to the biggest trend in makeup over the past decade: [&hellip…

Detox Your Makeup Bag - We Pick Seven Non-Toxic Liquid Foundations and Tinted Moisturizers

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After detoxing our deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, and mascara, Terri and I decided it was time to get right up in each other’s faces and test a batch of [&hellip…

On the Bottle: What It Means to Be Organic, Biodynamic, and Natural

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Today is Earth Day, so why not uncork a bottle of organic, biodynamic, or natural wine and make a toast to all things green and sustainable? Here’s a [&hellip…

Detox Your Makeup Bag - Our Picks for the Top Ten Organic/Natural/Non-Toxic Mascaras

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I never leave the house without putting on mascara. Even when I’m going camping, or moving apartments, or just buying the newspaper, I am doing all these things [&hellip…

Detox Your Shampoo - We Give You the Score on 15 Brands

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First we tackled deodorants, then toothpastes, and now Terri and I have submitted our follicles to endless rounds of essential oil-scented lather in order to bring you this [&hellip…

DIY:Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

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When it comes to going green, Tania Ruben knows how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing any glamour. Her website, Pure Natural Diva, is devoted to providing tips on [&hellip…