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The French Country in Our Country

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It’s true.  Being a producer at Martha Stewart Living Radio has definitely allowed me to experience some of the nation’s finest eateries.  And while I have had the pleasure [&hellip…

Sandy's Sandwich: Salmon Burgers with Cucumber-Mustard Relish

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Mention the word “burger” and hamburgers immediately come to mind, but there’s actually a world of others out there. So, for today’s sandwich, we’re making a salmon burger. [&hellip…

Perfect Shortbread Straight from Scotland

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To celebrate NY Tartan Week, we invited Michael Smith, head chef at The Three Chimneys located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, to join us on “Morning Living.” [&hellip…

Recipes for Cured Salmon and Root Vegetable Seasoned Salt from NYC's Aquavit Restaurant

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We love Chef Marcus Jernmark of New York’s Aquavit restaurant, and not just because he always brings us tasty treats when he drops by “Whole Living” to teach [&hellip…

How the Home Cook Cooks Fish

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From buying it to cooking it to serving it, the fish preparation process is an intimidating one for many home cooks. The sometimes delicate texture, the often offensive smell, [&hellip…

Rick Moonen Makes Salmon on "Morning Living"

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Rick Moonen, chef and owner of RM Seafood in Las Vegas, is truly passionate when it comes to serving delicious fish. We were lucky enough to have him [&hellip…