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Mediterranean Vegetable Wrap

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Juicy zucchini, sweet bell peppers, fragrant herbs, tomatoes, and lemons are a few of the goodies the Mediterranean has to offer.  Add a light hummus made by using [&hellip…

Meatloaf and Potato Sandwiches

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Meatloaf, so humble and comforting, what a delicious food it is! Whether like me, you prefer a combo of beef, pork, and veal or you go straight for [&hellip…

Around the World in Four Sandwiches - Emeril Talks Porchetta, Banh Mi, Lamb Sausage, and Muffuletta

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Today on Cooking with Emeril, we got a preview of what promises to be one of the biggest events at this year’s New York Wine & Food Festival: [&hellip…

Bottling Day and a Sandwich

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Every Wednesday is sandwich day on Everyday Food radio and I come up with a new sandwich to share with our listeners. Sometimes, no matter what the day, [&hellip…