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Side Dishes from David Leite

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Looking for a fun new spin on Thanksgiving side dishes? David Leite, food writer extroadinaire and the brains behind Leite’s Culinaria, shared this recipe for Sauteed Chestnuts, Onions, [&hellip…

Dannielle from "Top Chef: Just Desserts" on "Living Today"

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Dannielle Kyrillos, one of three judges on Bravo’s “Top Chef: Just Desserts,” came by our studio on Tuesday and offered up some very helpful Thanksgiving entertaining tips. Not [&hellip…

5 Factors to Consider When Pairing Thanksgiving Wines

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Red or white? Full-bodied or medium-bodied? Prosecco or Champagne? Is it ok to serve a $10 bottle of wine to my guests? When determining which wines to pair [&hellip…

How-To Quick Thanksgiving Appetizer and Stuffing Too

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The holidays are almost here and that means entertaining. It can also mean STRESS! Well, give yourself a break, put together some make-ahead appetizers to have on hand [&hellip…

Winesday Selections for Thanksgiving

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With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, we employed the advice of Joseph Bastianich, restaurateur  and wine expert, to help us select some great holiday wines.  Joseph not only owns several vineyards in Italy, but [&hellip…

Add some S'MAC to your mac!

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For those of you listening to “Morning Living” today, chances are your ears perked up when you heard phrases like “four cheese,” “crispy topping,” “twisted elbow macaroni,” and “restaurant [&hellip…