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On the Bottle: A Review of Costco's Kirkland Brand Wines

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Costco is not only the number one retailer of wines in the United States, they’ve got their own collection of wines on the shelf, a changing assortment made [&hellip…

On the Bottle: Super Bowl Wine Pairings for Under $10 a Pop

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I like drinking beer and watching football, but some of the friends I invite to my Super Bowl parties prefer sipping wine and commenting on the commercials. We [&hellip…

5 Factors to Consider When Pairing Thanksgiving Wines

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Red or white? Full-bodied or medium-bodied? Prosecco or Champagne? Is it ok to serve a $10 bottle of wine to my guests? When determining which wines to pair [&hellip…

A Wine Dinner at Emeril's Miami Beach

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On the eve of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival’s kickoff, Emeril’s Miami Beach hosted an elegant dinner inspired by and paired with the wines of Au [&hellip…